La Bella Polenta - The Contagious Song

Buongiorno miei amata amici!

Our next post will be on how to make your own savory fried or creamy polenta. In honor of this special privilege, our kitchen has been filled with the fun music of "La Bella Polenta." A well-known Italian folk song that is enjoyed at family reunions, but I must say that I think the people of Brazil sing it more often now. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


  1. When I was a child, my grandmother taught me a children's song about polenta. It was one of two songs I learned in Italian (the other a Christmas song). While the song you shared isn't it ... it reminds me of the joy we had in singing it ... and eating polenta! :-)

  2. I've never heard this song before, but it's very fun and catchy!


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  4. I am Brazilian with Italian ancestors. Indeed, some Italian descendents, specially in south Brazil, use to sing it. I was reseraching those days about Italian influencies in Brazil and the curious is that just Brazilian pages use to mention or speak about this song

    1. That's the first american page that I found mentioning this song. Even in Italian pages, is not common to be mentioned. Do u know if this music is widely known in Italy and USA ?

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