Liberty Alert - No More Washington Monument Syndrome

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STOP Government Manipulation - No More Washington Monument Syndrome AKA Mt. Rushmore Syndrome or Firemen First Principle
STOP Government Manipulation -
No More Washington Monument Syndrome
AKA Mt. Rushmore Syndrome or
Firemen First Principle
I am not here to tell you to be liberal or conservative, nor Republican or Democrat. However, I would betray myself if I did not stand up for our US Constitution and Liberty. So while this blog is not about politics, occasionally I will cover issues that I believe collide with the liberty our Founding Fathers chose to protect for us through our Constitution.

Have you ever noticed that every time politicians want to raise taxes on "we the people" they threaten to cut our most vital services? Case in point. Recently, my local city government wanted to raise our sales tax. They threatened public safety, by claiming we would not be safe from fires or accidents if they did not increase the sales tax. They would have to slash first responder services. This actually has a mental illness type title, "The Washington Monument Syndrome."

Now, as a mom who has to make our household budget work, first thing I have learned is there are some things we cannot live without. So when I need to make the budget work, I cut the excess or non-essentials. I looked at how my city spends and could find a bunch of excess or non-essential services. Such as our parks and recreation service drives around town and sets up bounce houses during the week. I am sorry, but if it comes to putting out a house fire or my kids spinning out on sugar and bouncing for hours, I can tell you which service I am going to cut.

Apparently, our government needs moms of large families in charge of fiscal issues. We are used to making the hard decisions about what is most important and learning to just say "no" to a lot of frills. We are accustomed to children attempting to manipulate us and putting our foot down, so we can refuse earmarks on necessary bills.

And that's just my 2 cents. I hope you will join me in stopping this manipulation from our government. If they cannot balance the budget and stop buying new toys, then they need to step down and let people who know how to do the job step up to the plate!

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    1. Thank you, Cindy! Blessings to you! :)

  2. I have a great deal of gatherings for little children and preschoolers and I jump at the chance to keep them fun, loaded with inventiveness, and dynamic! We were as of late sent a Little Tikes Jump and Slide Inflatable bouncer to add to our gathering.


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