Helpful Hint: How to Remove Product Label or Price Tags

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How to remove product labels or store price tags adhesive and glue.
Price Tag Removal Suggestion
Don't you just hate it when you get home with a decor product and the price tag won't come all the way off?

Do you dare wet it, since it might ruin it? Even if you could wet it, would you need some sort of chemical? Would it peel the paint up as well or rip the paper product?

Here is my helpful hint on how to remove product labels and store price tags with their adhesive/glue.

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2 intriguing comments

  1. Great idea! I usually use Goo Gone but it stinks and it will dull some finishes.

  2. The above idea works sometimes, but other times it has left me sorely disappointed. I like Goo Gone, but I am still looking for the "magical" idea that works without fail! :)


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