Pasta Magic Trick - Resistant Starch - Lower Glucose

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Pasta Magic Trick: Resistant Starch = Lower Glucose and Insulin
Pasta Magic Trick = Resistant Starch and Lower Glucose/Insulin
3 Easy Steps: Cook Pasta, Cool Pasta, Reheat Pasta

Good news for Diabetics and Pasta Lovers!!! Now you can have your pasta and eat it too, without it raising your glucose and insulin as much as it previously did. Researchers on a BBC show called, "Trust Me, I'm A Doctor", decided to run a scientific experiment regarding resistant starch. They tested the blood sugar on individuals over a three week period eating pasta freshly cooked, cold pasta, and pasta that had been cooked, cooled, and then reheated again. The results surprised them.
"The reheated pasta was delicious, and bowls were emptied in seconds. But because of the experimental protocol, seconds were forbidden. This wasn't popular - one waiter claimed he would normally eat five times that amount for lunch.
We were fairly confident the cold pasta would be more resistant than the stuff that had been reheated. Just as expected, the cold pasta gave less of a spike in blood glucose and insulin than freshly boiled pasta would.
But then we found something very unexpected; the pasta that had been boiled, cooled and then reheated had an even more dramatic effect.
Reheating the pasta seemed to make it even more resistant. This means less insulin, less blood glucose, less hunger and more fibre."
To read more on this experiment, read the following excerpt and more at: Daily Mail

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  1. It works. I tested this with a measured amount of fresh then cooled and reheated pasta. I tested at the same time of day same amount of time between my breakfast and eating the pasta. My pre pasta blood sugar was the same. With the fresh pasta my BS rose every 15 minutes until it peaked at 90 minutes at 207. With the reheated pasta I peaked at 45 minutes with 132 5 points lower that 45 minute reading with fresh pasta. My readings went down from there until at 90 minutes I was at 95 and stopped testing. I am diabetic taking Metformin 500 mg at breakfast. I did not take Metformin when I did this test. Testing was done on different days.


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